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Nightmare Girls Title Screen



Game Nightmare Girls
Developer 月の水/NewMoonLabel
Game Engine RPGMaker VX Ace
Demo Release Date 4Q 2017
Release Date 1H 2018
Features Combat H, Crafting, Non-linear Story, Modern Day Setting
Tags Female Cast, Lesbian, Robot, Tentacles, Monsters


Nightmare Girls is a game currently under development by NewMoonLabel. This page is a humble fan's take on what they're developing. Nightmare Girls looks to be a very ambitious game, featuring many different systems and drawing upon the influence of a lot of things.

The release plans for this game are vague at present. However, the demo will contain 7 or 8 H-scenes, and is planned to be released this year (2017). The full game is planned to be released in 1H2018.

The current development status is that the games systems are implemented, and currently being balanced. In parallel, NewMoonLabel are also working on the content of the game, with a view to getting the demo portion of the game complete. However, it is expected that the content of the game will take time to implement.

A warning! I've put this together from the things that have featured on NewMoonLabel's blog, but two things of note:

  1. To put together a page like this, I've had to read between the lines in some places.
  2. I'm still only an amateur at Japanese, and so I may have made translation errors.

For the time being, I've highlighted any areas where there is a high likelihood of potential issues with these information boxes.

Also note: Due to DLSite's policies, the images on NewMoonLabel's blog are somewhat low quality JPGs. I've fed the pictures through Waifu2x + Guetzli which has improved the quality of the character art, albeit at the expense of some minor background detail (like menu background patterns).


Note: This story is more-or-less speculation at this stage. I have pieced it together from the character bios, but of course there may be inaccuracies. I will update it as more information is published.

Tsukimi town was always a strange place, even stretching back to ancient times. At the ley-lines between the fantastical and reality, there were always unexplained events. Monsters who would cross from other worlds. And the tentacles: tendrils of beings reaching across realities. However, the fertility of the surrounding area meant humans were always drawn to it. Even with all of it's problems, it was still a good place to live.

In the modern day, the Fukugiri Lab started studying the phenomena surrounding Tsukimi town, and a scientist made a breakthrough. Free Energy. And the only side-effect was ripping tiny holes in reality that led to alternate dimensions! What could go wrong? Well, quite a lot, actually. The natural weirdness of Tsukimi town started to get a whole lot more intense.

Our protagonist, Yatsuha, has just moved out from her family. She and her girlfriend, Tsugure, are enjoying a date at the mall. Until they fall through one of the rips in space-time, ending up in the Nightmare Realm. They manage to make it out, but not without problems. Upon her return, Yatsuha finds she has become a target for every monster, while tentacles assault Tsugure every night. Investigating, they find that Tsukimi Town has plenty of unexplained occurrences going on, with a war being conducted in the shadows between those who would fight the perverse creatures from the Nightmare Realm, and those who would increase their power.

Joining forces with two other girls who are sworn to protect the town, Yue and Kokia, the Nightmare Girls are born. To fight back the monsters, the tentacles, and those who would aid them. To take the fight to their home, the Nightmare Realm.

Game System


The game is an RPGMaker VX Ace game, albeit with a fair number of customisations. As you can see, the menu is fairly standard, although it does have some stylish character portraits.

Note: There is no native resolution source for this image, so if you click it, you will get an image reconstructed by Waifu2x. Unlike this picture, the in-game text will not look slightly blurry.


Yashimakamuro, Wind Spirit


Hyakume, Fire Spirit

One major deviaion from standard RPGMaker are the Guardian Spirits. Each character can be assigned a Guardian Spirit, which changes the characters class. Here we have the Wind Spirit, Yashimakamuro (boosts Magic and Speed, grants Wind elemental and Status Ailment techniques), and the Fire Spirit, Hyakume (boosts Defence and Attack, grants Fire elemental attacks and techniques).


Stats with Yashimakamuro equipped


Stats with Hyakume equipped

Changing class by using the Guardian Spirit system influences characters stats as well as the skills they have access to. The statistics a character has are Attack, Spirit, Defence, Speed, Sexual Resistance and Debauchery - and the last two can only be increased through H-events and H-attacks. It's pretty unlikely they'll stay at their initial values.

Equipment fall into the following categories: Weapon, Outfit, Body, Spirit and Accessory.


Sex Stats Screen Either this is debug mode, or Shigure's been very busy.

For those into this kind of thing, the game has a fairly comprehensive sex stats system. NewMoonLabel have stated on their blog that it is possible for Yatsuha (the protagonist) to retain her virginity in the game, although they believe it will be unlikely due to H-attacks in combat. However, other characters will have forced H-scenes with penetration in the story, so don't expect any other character to be able to retain their chastity.

Location Stats
Upper Pink Box Cumulative H Experience, No of orgasms, Max no of continuous orgasms
Yellow Box Oral experience, number of times cummed in mouth
Green Box Boobs experience, number of boobie-related orgasms
Lower Pink Box Vaginal experience, anal experience, uterus experience, urethral experience
Blue Box Ejaculation experience, urination experience, egg laying experience, childbirth experience
Lined Page Sensitivity Level, Debauchery Level

On the subject of H-scenes, there are 5 main types. Here are the first three types.

Scenario H-scene: Someone peeping on Yatsuha [Yatsuha] "Huh? ... Is someone looking at me...?"


Defeat Scene: Shigure and... some kind of monstrous centipede


Base Scene: Yatsuha and Shigure getting to know each other better

Scenario H-scenes advance a particular scenario. Scenario's typically start with an H-scene or other event, the characters possibly obtaining a Guardian Spirit, and a dungeon unlocking.

Defeat Scenes may occur when the Nightmare Girls are defeated in combat. They don't always happen though; it depends on where they fall in battle.

Base Scenes occur between party members at the base. They deepen the relationship between characters; our example base scene features Yatsuha and her girlfriend finally trying out some adult stuff together.

For the next type of H-scene, it's really best to start a whole new section.



You won't always have a full party, and getting knocked down with your privates showing is not fun...


These combat outfits are kinda fragile, aren't they?


But sometimes everything goes well.

As one can see from the above, there's a good variety of pictures for the party. NewMoonLabel gave an estimate that there are more than 200 such pictures, and they change pretty frequently. The above pictures show off a good deal of poses, as well as a good deal of clothing destruction. Speaking of which...


Cut-in: Lower Armour Break


Cut-in: Tentacle Orgasm

There's also some cut-in pictures, which constitute the 4th type of H-scene. Here we have clothing destruction and combat tentacle rape. Poor Yatsuha! At least she's cumming. Also note that upper and lower body clothing is destroyed separately. Anyway, moving along with the enemies H-attacks...

Note: the censoring on these pictures is white glow, probably because it's easier to do and NewMoonLabel made these in a rush. In the game, I would expect it to be a mosaic.


Scared of bugs? Hungry Maggots can infest the girls.


That's a lot of slime...


"Yatsuha can't act, so the Link failed!"

Enemy combat H-attacks work by enemies grabbing one of the party members and then having their way with them. The party does have the opportunity to resist, but here their TP becomes important. TP in this game refers to (sexual) Tension Points - the higher a characters TP, the harder they'll find it to escape.

TP isn't all bad though. Your party members also have their own H-attacks, which require TP to execute. However, NewMoonLabel have yet to release pictures of these.

Oh, and if a party member runs out of HP and faints? They can still be targeted by H-attacks, and they won't be able to resist.


All things set? Get ready...


Link Attack: Open-leg Kick "Seeing this, Shigure becomes super motivated!"


Link skills can also have ongoing effects, like here between Yue and Kokia

The above images demonstrate a link attack, where multiple characters deliver a single strike. As one would expect, these attacks are pretty powerful. Link attacks can also be affected by other factors; here Shigure is getting super motivated from seeing her girlfriends bare crotch. The perv...


It's not just monsters and tentacles in the Nightmare Realm. There are robots too. They do have the same goals as the monsters and tentacles though.


Oh. Wow. This... escalated quickly.

These pictures give a better look at some more enemy types - with the second picture also giving a good look at the different types of combat rape pictures. Also note that the girls can help each other, should they be caught by enemies. However, it seems that the "help" skills are only between certain pairs of girls (e.g. in this picture Yue can help Kokia, but not Yatsuha or Shigure).

Game World

The game takes place in two main settings. Reality and the Nightmare Realm. Yatsuha and the rest of the protagonists live in the scenic suburbs of Newmoon Town. Tsukimi town is a nice enough place, although with the constant attacks from the tentacles, there is a slightly seedy side to it; check out those adult posters!


A shrine


One of Tsukimi Town's more noticable buildings


Downtown shopping


Hisaho Maaho, Enthusiastic Policeman is on the scene


[Yatsuha] "Ugh. It feels... Like someone is watching me..."

The real world is where adventures start. The game is non-linear, with a number of sub-scenario's that all start with some event in the real world. As these sub-scenario's get completed, the main story advances.

The sub-scenario's can entail lots of different things. Not all scenario's entail venturing into the Nightmare Realm.


"Found a sticky, slimey thing."


[Orange Bikini Girl] "That's her! That's the bitch who threw slimey stuff at me!"


After coating one of her adversaries in slime, it has to end in a fight...

Just because it's the real world, it doesn't mean our protagonists are safe though. The agents of the tentacles are in Tsukimi Town, and our heroines need to fight their influence in the real world. Sometimes this will result in allying with some of the sub-characters; here the Gynoid Sachiko is fighting alongside Yatsuha.

A nasty tentacle world


Feudal Japan...?


Sky Castle...?

The Nightmare Realm is where the main dungeons of the game are set. As to what you'll find when you venture into the nightmare realm, it varies a lot. Within the Nightmare Realm, the Nightmare Girls take the fight to the tentacles, driving them back on their own turf.


Trap Scene: Crotch Bead-rope Machine Trap

You enter dungeons with 0 TP. While TP is normally easiest to gain in battle, it can also be raised by traps in the dungeon - the fifth type of H-scene in the game. Just try to make sure the traps don't do anything too extreme.

Note: This picture is mosaic'd on NewMoonLabel's blog. I fed it through the latest iteration of my de-mosaic process, and it came out OK (a bit blurred, maybe). If you wish to see the original version with it's censoring intact, you can access it here.

Obviously, all pictures in the released game will be censored.


[Yatsuha] "I dunno why, but I feel kinda horny now..."


[Shigure] "Ugh! What are you, a guy?"

After a mission, the girls will hit the showers. Cheap fan service? Maybe, but it's a good chance for the girls to have a chat about what happened. But not in these pictures, which are spoiler free.

NewMoonLabel have said that this is to recapture the feel of one of their earlier games, Lily Knight Saga, which had a similar feature to develop the characters.


Looks like this gadget records the showers...


Shower Surveliance Center (Scene Viewer)

Of course, there are surveilance cameras in the showers. The girls are totally happy with this. Hopefully.


Note: The character bios are based on blog posts from NewMoonLabel's development posts on their blog. However, these posts tend to be quite short and have a fair amount of repetition. Hence, while nothing in this section is unfounded, some of it is embellished a bit. It probably is accurate, but until the game is released, I can't guarantee that.

Nightmare Girls

The main characters of the story, these girls venture into the Nightmare Realm to fight back the monsters and tentacles menacing Tsukimi Town.

Rindo Yatsuha

The protagonist of Nightmare Girls.

She's a lively, sporty girl, although perhaps a bit too innocent and naive. A student of Sayo Academy, she's very enthusiastic about martial arts; perhaps not surprising given that her family have taught the Dragon Spirit School of Ninjitsu for generations. When she lived at the family dojo, she was one of the best pupils of Dragon Spirit Ninjitsu, becoming a fast and strong fighter, and hopes to one day inherit the dojo.

However, since she stumbled into the Nightmare Realm, all manner of perverse monsters and beings have made her their target. Resolved to fight back, she became one of the Nightmare Girls.

Hinaura Shigure

As one would expect from a girl who grew up in a shrine, Shigure is well versed in Shinto. While she's a year younger than Yatsuha, they've been friends since early childhood. Just like Yatsuha, she also developed a taste for martial arts. When they both realised they liked girls, they started dating, but so far they have a "pure" relationship. No sexy stuff.

Unfortunately for her, she was with Yatsuha when they wandered into the Nightmare Realm. And now, tentacles molest her every night. In search of a solution to her problem, she joined the Nightmare Girls.

Kunugimiya Yue

A student in the year above Yatsuha at Sayo Academy, and so unknown to our protagonist. Her family have lived in Tsukimi Town for generations, running one of Tsukimi Town's oldest companies. However, her family has a secret: that they are a line of warriors, who for generations have been fighting to hold the monsters and tentacles at bay.

Tsutsuguri Kokia

Another student in the year above Yatsuha at Sayo Academy, and again relatively unknown to our protagonist. She serves Tagihi-no-Miya, a guardian spirit of Tsukimi Town, and is sworn to help the residents and fight the monsters and tentacles that threaten them.

However, she hasn't actually fought monsters or tentacles before. Her first encounter with them has her being somewhat confused on what she needs to do.

I suspect that there might be an error on NewMoonLabel's blog here, where Yue and Kokia are described. Given the weapons they wield, it certainly looks like Kokia is the warrior and Yue is the servant of the guardian spirit.

Old Schoolmates

These girls used to go to same high school as Yatsuha, but since Yatsuha graduated and went to Sayo Academy, she hasn't seen them.

Ogami Mari
While Mari went to the same school as Yatsuha, she was a year above her and so Yatsuha didn't really know her. While her exact objectives are unknown, Mari is trying to track down a particular monster, and runs into the Nightmare Girls from time to time. Over the course of her monster hunts, she also fights against the monsters and tentacles encroaching the town, and fortunately, she's pretty good at it.
Tsukizaki Manami

Another girl who went to Yatsuha's old school, and also another girl who Yatsuha never really got to know. In fact, not many people know about Manami, other than a girl of this name went missing two years ago.

She used to be good friends with Mari. In fact, vague rumours say they were more than just friends.


A cohort of knowledge seekers at Tsukimi Town's Energy Research Institute, Fukugiri Laboratory. Something of a support network for the Nightmare Girls, they all play important roles in the game.

Sachiko (CRM-114-Search)
CRM 114-Search, better known as Sachiko, is a Gynoid developed at the Fukugiri Laboratory. As she's a robot with a permanent wireless data connection, she provides constant support to the Nightmare Girls when they're exploring other dimensions.
Kano Mikina

A recent graduate of Tsukimi University, Mikina now works at the Fukugiri Laboratory. As she's only a couple of years older than Yatsuha, Yatsuha finds her the most approachable of the lab members.

In the game, Mikina synthesizes new items and equipment from the things that the Nightmare Girls find in their exploration of other dimensions.

Fukorodani Anzu

A Doctor of Physics, she studies the energy emitted from other dimensions. She's quite introverted really, with her research being the most important thing to her. And the second most important. And the third. And, well, you get the idea.

In the game, she provides inventory for the shop. As her research progresses, you'll be able to purchase more items - just as it should work in a game!

Habakiri Neiko

A Doctor of Physics and the lead researcher at the Fukugiri Lab, Neiko is somewhat more cautious about meddling with other dimensions than you would expect from someone in her position.

In the game, she is one of the main characters who advances the story, as well as handling the extraction of the party in case of an emergency.


Students at Sayo Academy, the all-girls academy that the heroes attend. They've not been in contact with any of the heroes over the Summer break. But they end up getting involved with them regardless, when they show up at the worst possible moment.

Iwane Sera
Something of a tomboy, Sera is a very enthusiastic martial artist, and is one of the few people who can match Yatsuha in terms of skill. In fact, she has something of a rivalry with Yatsuha.
Jaujima Meru
A somewhat odd student, who is a big fan of the occult - she tries to keep track of all the odd things that happen in Tsukimi Town. She's also one of the few students who knew Manami before she disappeared; perhaps she also knows a little bit more about the specifics of that than she lets on.

Nekoma Yukari

A final year student, and Kokia's classmate. A very intelligent, polite and altogether high class student. She loves helping other students learn new things. She really, really loves it. There are murmurings about how much she loves it. People who say "Oh, she taught me so much♥, I simply must introduce you!".

There are also other rumours. People muttering about a "crazy psycho lesbian who took my virginity..." Of course, this can't be the same person...

Sayo Academy

All of these students, as well as the protagonists, study at the prestigious Sayo Academy. Sayo Academy is a private all-girls institution, selecting only the best girls to be admitted to it's ranks. It has a reputation of excellence.

It also has another reputation though. With lots of girls in attendance, and due to the effects of Tsukimi Town's weirdness on the students, Sayo Academy has a lot of lesbian trysts. Some people think of it as a Forbidden Flower Garden...


Not everyone wants to fight the tentacles. Some want to become one with them, to see them stretch their feelers across the real world.

As these girls are fighting so the tentacles expand their power, there's a strong possibility you'll have to fight them.


Somewhat unhinged, this chainsaw-wielding maniac is a pretty tough customer. She's into girls, or at least their bodies. The closer they are to her own body shape, the better.

She doesn't care about personalities or anything. That stuff's for babies.


A mysterious girl who lives in a mansion out of town. But that mansion was abandoned years ago - no-one should be living there, let alone a young girl. Even though no-one knows why she carries around a pair of giant scissors, she's much more mentally stable than her compatriot, Seiryuu.

Her reasons for fighting for the tentacles are a secret.


And a couple of other characters who don't really fit anywhere else.

Rindo Kokonoha

Yatsuha's elder sister. A graduate of Sayo Academy, she's not particularly interested in martial arts or inheriting the Dojo - even though she's currently living there, mainly due to cheap rent. She's a freeter, basically meaning she works a bunch of freelance gigs, and doesn't earn that much money.

As Yatsuha moves out of the Dojo at the beginning of the story, Kokonoha is alone with their grandfather.

Hisao Maaho

A policewoman working who works from a station in the North Precinct of Tsukimi Town. She has a very strong sense of justice, and often tries to investigate the strange goings on. Unfortunately, she never seems to arrive at the scene quickly enough to make a difference.

Incidentally, as her clothes are already pretty revealing, she's one of the few characters who doesn't have clothing destruction enabled. Perhaps the old adage of female armours is correct - the less it covers, the more durable it is!

Translation Notes

As I've mentioned, my ability to translate Japanese is still not perfect, and I have embellished the detail in this page as well. Some quick notes on the translations I've used follow.

  1. Place names are transliterated, but it's worth noting that "月見里"/"Tsukimi Town" could be translated as "Moon Watching Village" (according to Rikaichan).
  2. Similarly, "小夜学園"/"Sayo Academy" could be translated as "Evening Academy". I believe there is some themed naming going on.
  3. The Nightmare Realm is referred to as 異界, lit. Spirit World, and so is a bit of an embellishment on my part. I'll wait for the actual game, but it's probably about right.
  4. I don't think NewMoonLabel has ever referred to TP as "(sexual) tension points", or insinuated that they're related to sex at all. However, all indications say that they are, so it seemed appropriate to highlight the fact.
  5. The link attack is パンチラキック, which transliterates to Panchira Kick, and is a special skill that NewMoonLabel have used before. Panchira is a Japanese term which would be easiest to translate as "Panty Flash". However, in context it is fairly clear that Yatsuha may not have panties on when she uses it, hence I've gone for "Open-leg Kick", in reference to the "Open-leg Jump" in Kekko Kamen.

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